A Few Words About Us

Our Story

starting of our first one-off motorcycle #lacanaglia
#lacanaglia unveiled to the world
Founding of Brigand Moto
Our first batch of special products on sale
exciting new products will come

Our passion for motorcycles is what brought us together around the Brignad project…

it all started in a basement

The passion for motorcycle and well designed parts did the rest...

#lacanaglia is the one-off project that brought us back to work together…

Founding Father

“They met in 2006 at the beginning of their career, but then took different paths, working for some of the world’s industry-leading brands in motorcycles, power sports, and F1. At the peak of their careers, their paths crossed again, bringing together all of their experiences to design Brigand’s products.”

Maurizio Tancredi
Giuliano Lucerna
Orlando Antonelli