GoPro Tube Mount

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GoPro Tube Mount for Motorcycle Engine Guard and Fairing Bars

Enhance your adventure with our GoPro Tube Mount!

Secure, adjustable, and ideal for various tube diameters, especially suited for engine guard and fairing bars. Perfect for Aux-light Sixty and GoPro. Stainless steel hardware and rubber adapter for minimal vibrations.

Capture moments in style!

Our meticulously engineered  GoPro Tube Mount, tailored for various tube diameters, this mount securely fastens to fairing and engine guard bars.

The two adjustable axes take center stage, optimizing the orientation of the Aux-Light Sixty for ideal street illumination and providing precise adjustment for the GoPro view. Primarily designed as a light support, this versatile mount seamlessly doubles as a GoPro mount.

Crafted for mechanical durability, the mount features high-strength nylon, stainless steel hardware, and a rubber adapter ring to filter some vibrations. The rubber adapters, available in common diameters like 20mm and one inch, can also be custom-made upon request to meet specific customer requirements.

Utilizing a single-screw locking mechanism, this mount ensures effortless installation and precise angle adjustments for optimal lighting and recording angles

Experience the dual functionality of our GoPro Tube Mount – perfectly illuminating the street with Aux-Light Sixty and effortlessly adapting to your GoPro recording needs.

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 mm
Tube Size

20mm, 23mm, 1inch


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GoPro Tube Mount
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